Episode 5 - December 2012 (Jay Tripwire)

• January 5th, 2013

Host Rob Ott is back to kick off the New Year 2013 with very special guest DJ Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat, Tonality, Bass Culture) dropping some deep west coast tech house like he does best.

Track list coming.. maybe.

See you in 30 days!

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Episode 4 - November 2012 (Dreamaniac)

• December 1st, 2012

Host Rob Ott featuring special guest DJ Dreamaniac (popquizparty.com) is in the house dropping some hair raising minimal tunes for us.

Track list coming soon!

See you in 30 days!



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Episode 3 - October 2012 (Anda)

• October 27th, 2012

Special guest DJ Anda (thisisanda.com) drops some bass-rich and classy tech-house.

Track list:

1. Watch Me Now - Beckers & D-Nox [Gem Records]

2. Heart Of Flesh - Technasia [Cadenza]

3. Emergency - Ruede Hagelstein [Souvenir Music]

4. Aymara - Kaiserdisco [Drumcode]

5. Maharashtra (Club Mix) - Mr. Noi53 & DJ Louis [All Mighty Records]

6. Guns - Guille Placencia [Avenue Recordings]

7. Kippefeessie (Original Club Mix) - Rene Amesz & Jasper Clash [Toolroom]

8. Awakenings (Stefano Noferini Remix) - Stefano Noferini, Daniel Sanchez [Bla Bla]

9. Mayflower One (Tribal Rage) - Anil Chawla [Tribal Rage]

10. Teenage Spaceman (Booka In Space Mix) - Booka Shade [Get Physical Music]

11. EHC (Oliver Schories Remix) - Yoachim [Parquet Recordings]

See you in 30 days for another special guest!



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Episode 2 - September 2012

• September 29th, 2012

deep and funky house flavours

Intro: The Boss - Disco Tech [Chopshop]

1. My side project (Original Mix) - Darius Syrossian [Mile End Records]

2. No Category - Frederico Locchi [8bit]

3. The Bounce - Trevor Lovelys [Freerange Records]

4. I'm Deep I'm Soul - Nuyorica [Starlight Unlimited]

5. Glowing Souls - Brotha Berry [Liquid Soul Recordings]

6. 1988 - Youandewan [Lo:rise]

7. Strength in Numbers - Audiojack [Gruuv]

8. Biggest Lie - Anda [Liquid Soul Recordings]

9. Ayomide (Kenquo Remix) - Gorge [8bit]

10. Fever (Pezzner Remix) - Pavel [Gruuv]

11. Take Control - Uto Karem [Plus 8 Records]

12. Plastic Dreams (20 Year Tribute) - Audiojack [Gruuv]

Want your track/mix played on Sentient Sounds? Visit soundcloud.com/thejardoproject/dropbox

See you in 30 days!!

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Episode 1 - August 2012

• September 22nd, 2012

minimal, tech-house, and techno flavours

1. 4 my peepz (Dubfire Rework) - Paperclip People [Planet E Communications]

2. Trummerfeld (Oliver Huntemann Remix) - Extrawelt [Cocoon Recordings]

3. Move (Dani Sbert Remix) - Ted Dettman [Audio Elite]

4. Sticky Dicks (Carlo Lio Remix) Nick & Danny Chatelain [Uniform Inflow]

5. Middle of Nowhere - Jardo [Liquid Soul Recordings]

6. Boomer (Leix & Ronro Remix) - Mirco Violi [Climatic Sound]

7. Hermanos - Julian Jeweil [Plus 8 Records]

8. Minds Eye (Drumcell & Audio Injection Remix)- Spektre [Sound of Cologne]

9. Good Drunk (Da Fresh Remix)- Joseph Disco

10. Hollen - Nueva Mujer [Bitten]

11. Pour Me - Anda [Liquid Soul Recordings]

12. Phantom - Sam Paganini [Plus 8 Records]

13. The Groove - Tocadsico [Toolroom Records]

See you in 30 days for the next episode!

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Welcome to Sentient Sounds with Jardo on Podbean.com

• September 22nd, 2012

Welcome to Sentient Sounds with Jardo, a monthly house and techno podcast. This is your host Jardo strongly advising you to tune in at the end of every month for a new episode of Sentient Sounds for your electronica fix without the robot farts and over-the-top female pop vocals. That shit just hurts the ear drums, even the lobes... like a sonic Mike Tyson punch to the ear. Who wants that? There is a time and place for robot sex noises and hitting high notes over a eurodance beat I suppose but this podcast is not it. This is about good old fashioned house and techno - synthesized elements of blues, classical, funk and soul.

You can find the latest episodes of Sentient Sounds here. Subscribe, and check back here for more updates as the page develops.

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